Saturday, December 26, 2015

Sunburn and Eosinophilia

The sun shines after days of pollution haze
In the middle of December, suddenly Delhites felt strong sunlight shining in clear blue skies. The terrible pollution haze faded. And the weather got cooler.

It was time for Anna to spend an hour a day soaking in the sun. It's warmth would remove some of the cold from his bones. It's light would ensure the production and absorption of Vitamin D.

sun burned thigh

Within a couple of days, Anna's legs, mid thigh down, were red. Within 12 hours, the redness had spread and there was a little rash and swelling.  I thought it was a sunburn.  The doctor concurred, but suspected more.

A blood test revealed that Anna has eosinophilia. And a sunburn.

Anna finds it funny.

Anna: "It's just a little photo-sensitivity."

Me:  "Yes, Anna. Your skin has become very sensitive with age. You have got sun burnt."

Anna: "We Indians are born with an ISI mark on our skin colour. 'Permanent. Fast colour guaranteed'. So we shouldn't get sunburned."

Really dad?!

Anna's pills
I explain to Anna: "I have added an additional tablet, 3 times a day, to treat your eosinophilia."

Anna responds with: "I already take 2 dozen pills, 3 more won't make a difference!"

Very mature and stoic, you think.  

I am now preparing for the days when Anna will count the pills he takes. 

He will recognize that there are more pills than the number he remembers. He will either refuse to take his medication or call me in panic fearing that he is being over medicated.

I will have to explain the sunburn and eosinophilia to him again. And I will smile as I tell him that the ISI mark "Permanent. Fast colour guaranteed" does not work.

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