Thursday, April 16, 2015

Anna Really Wants Jaangiri!

This weekend expedition was to.... ?? Take a wild guess!  Select Citywalk.

Sanjiv and I looked at Air Conditioners, while Anna took a short walk around the mall.  As we exited Croma, facing Krispy Kreme, I asked Anna what he would like to eat - a Rava Masala Dosai at Sarvana Bhavan or a coffee and doughnut at Krispy Kreme.  I should have known better than to ask that question!

Onion Rava Masala Dosai at 
Sarvana Bhavan this Winter
Anna: "Rava Masala Dosai, and coffee"

We make our way to the Sarvana Bhavan outlet (that he does not remember from our last visit there), get a couple of dosais and vadais and eat outside under an overcast sky.

After he finishes half a dosai and coffee (that was not as hot as he wanted it!), Sanjiv pats his stomach and asks him, "Anna, is your stomach full? Feeling like a pregnant woman's?"

Anna: "No." Pause. "Only like in the conception stage."

We laugh.  I know that there is more to come.  Then.....

Anna: "I am sure they have jaangiri."

So off we go to see if they do.

They don't.

Anna is looking downcast and kind-of pouting at this point.

We decide to get him a doughnut for dessert.

Half a doughnut and hot coffee later, Anna finally says "Now I feel pregnant!"

The stomach has been satisfied. But the jaangiri craving continues.

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  1. Finally got kesari jaangiri for Anna today. He eats 1/3rd of a jaangiri, twirls his tongue in his mouth and says “This would have been perfect with a little rose essence”. It’s hard to satisfy a connoisseur ! :-)