Friday, February 13, 2015

I only ate the duck's head!!

My father’s fondness for sweet things is legendary.  It is second only to his love for coffee. So intense is his liking (craving) that he once famously, ate a duck’s head, traumatizing my younger sister.

Before you let your imagination go to places it shouldn't, here is what happened:

When my sister was about 4 years old, Anna went to pick her up from a birthday party.  It was the end of a working day, and he reached just as the party ended.  My sister ran out of her friend’s house and jumped into the car, balancing a beautiful blue marzipan duck cupped in her hands.  The engine still running, Anna asked her if she had left anything behind.  She realized that she had and told him that she would run in to get it.  She then entrusted her beautiful precious return gift to Anna, asking him to hold it while she ran inside.

When she returned to the car, and settled in, she asked for her duck back.  To her horror, Anna returned the duck but with its head missing!!

“Where is my duck’s head?” she asked.

Anna did not say anything. Adults have selective hearing too.

“Did you eat my duck’s head, Anna?” she asked.

“I was hungry”, he replied, matter-of-factly. 

The ride home was made in silence.

When my mother heard what Anna had done, she was very upset with him.  How could he do something so mean to his youngest child?  Anna thought there was nothing wrong, after all, he was hungry. 

We have never let him forget this infraction.  From that day on he has not been entrusted with anything sweet, for fear that he would “massacre” it as he did the duck!